Government & Politics


Election manifestos of major British parties since 1945
From Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources site at the University of Keele
Political parties from around the world
From Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources site at the University of Keele
Constituency Locata
Find out which constituency you are in, who your local MP is, and in which constituency a particular MP sits. Can be searched by postcode, address, MP's name or constituency.


UK Diplomatic Missions
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office's list of UK Diplomatic Missions in countries around the world, arranged alphabetically by country.
Embassies Worldwide
Lists of embassies from throughout the world, listed both by host country and by country of origin. Produced by Tagish.
Foreign Embassies and Consulates in the United Kingdom
Web links to embassies and consulates produced byYahoo. These are good sources of infomation about countries and cultures as well as providing support for their own nationals.

Parliaments and Assemblies

United Kingdom Parliament
The Scottish Parliament
The Northern Ireland Assembly
The National Assembly for Wales

The European Parliament

The House of Commons and Members of Parliament
Includes lists of MPs and constituencies, the List of Members' interests, and by-elections within the current Parliament. From the United Kingdom Parliament site.
The House of Lords
Includes membership of the House, attendance statistics and the Register of Lords Interests. From the United Kingdom Parliament site.
Parliamentary publications (House of Commons)
Parliamentary publications (House of Lords)
Includes Hansard (Debates from the Houses of Parliament), Public Bills before Parliament, and Select Committee publications
Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO)
Includes Acts of Parliament, and their explanatory notes, Measures of the General Synod of the Church of England and Statutory Instruments
The Stationery Office's 'Official Documents' site
The full text or summary of selected Government reports, with links to HMSO's site for Acts of parliament and Statutory Instruments.
The Stationery Office virtual bookstore. Designed as an online business and professional bookstore offering both high-street book titles and UK official publications. Includes the 'Daily List' of official publications issued each day.


UK Online
Information about all areas of government and official bodies, from the Committee on Standards in Public Life to Crimestoppers, from the UK Passport Agency to school 'league tables'.
National Statistics
Lots of general statistics about the UK covering a wide range of topic areas.
Wales in figures
A wide range of general statistics about Wales, including areas such as Agriculture, Commerce, Crime, the Economy, Population and Education

Local Government

Centreline 2000 Local Government links
Links to local government Web sites from around the UK.
Birmingham City Council


Official information about the Government and governance of the United States from the Library of Congress.
The United Nations
The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
Constitutions and Treaties
From Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources site at the University of Keele

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