General Reference Resources

Electronic versions of a wide range of key printed reference books - including the Hutchinson Almanac, Who's Who and the Municipal Yearbook. Please note that these are electronic versions of the current printed versions of these reference books - they do not reflect more recent information than the latest print edition.
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Encyclopędia Britannica
In addition to a searchable version of the complete Encyclopędia Britannica, this site also includes selected Web sites, magazines and  books.

Telephones and post

Directory Enquiries online
Searchable online version of BT's phone books.
Please note that unregistered users are entitled to only 10 free searches a day on this site.
Telephone directories on the Web
International list of the telephone directories available on the Web.
Post Office
Information about stamps, postage rates postcodes and other postal services. Now requires registration for access to postcode information.


The Worldwide Holiday & Festival Site
Brings together information about National and bank holidays around the world.


Web elements
The periodic table with thousands of graphics showing elements
structures and periodic properties. Written by Mark Winter of the University of Sheffield
A dictionary of units
Provides a summary of most units of measurement in use around the world today (and a few of historical interest), together with the appropriate conversion factors needed to change them into a 'standard' unit of the S I.
Met. Office
The weather and weather services


UK Sensitive map (University of Wolverhampton)
Clickable map, with the ability to go directly to a particular information resource, such as undergraduate prospectus, Library or Students' Union.


Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
Information about academic and vocational qualifications within the National Framework of qualifications, ranging from primary school Key Stages to Level 5 NVQs and A levels.
British Education
Information from the British Council designed to provide background on British qualifications for international students. Includes information about qualification equivalencies for Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA.


The Charity Commission for England and Wales
Including a searchable version of the Register of Charities
Charity Choice
The encyclopaedia of charities on the Internet

General Guides to Web information

Yahoo's subject tree of Web resources
Google's directory of resources
HERO's guide to Reference and subject resources

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