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Library catalogues
A catalogue of the collections of several of the major British and Irish University libraries. Includes the collections of the University of Birmingham.
The British Library Public Catalogue (BLPC)
BLPC contains details of over 10 million books and other material dating from 1450 to the present day. New interface provides appropriate on screen help at all times. Also features advanced searching and ordering functions and the ability to display non-Roman character sets.
Web catalogues from the British Library
Lists all the free catalogues offered on the Web by the British Library, including the Manuscripts Online Catalogue, the Newspaper Library Web Catalogue and the National Sound Archive Catalogue
OPACs in Britain and Ireland: a directory of library catalogues and services in Britain and Ireland.
Library of Congress's Online catalog
A a database of approximately 12 million records representing books, serials, computer files, manuscripts, cartographic materials, music,
sound recordings, and visual materials in the Library of Congress.


UK Sensitive map of Universities and HE Colleges (University of Wolverhampton)
Clickable map. Choose "Library" from the menu on the left hand side, then click on the institution you wish to visit.
UK Public Libraries on the Web
Information and services from the National Libraries of Europe
The British Library
Information and services, including access to the online catalogue: "BLPC", details of how to visit the British Library, and online exhibitions.
Library of Congress
Information on all aspects of the Library of Congress, the national library of the USA.
Yahoo's list of libraries
"Ask a Librarian"
A free email reference service operated by British Public Libraries.

Information about in-print books with the opportunity to order online

Yahoo's list of booksellers
An extensive list of general and specialist bookshops
Directory of Services
Database of book trade organisations from the Bookseller'
Internet Bookshop
Can be browsed by subject categories as well as offering a range of search options for specific authors, titles etc.
Blackwell's bookshop
Includes "Academic homepages" for a range of subjects, and can be browsed by subject categories as well as offering a range of search options for specific authors, titles etc.
The British site for perhaps the most famous internet bookshop
The Bookseller
The online version of the key book trade journal.


Current serials received by the British Library


Publishers online
From the Bookseller's list of links.
Copyright Licensing Agency
Representing authors and publishers, the CLA is responsible for licensing and policing many aspects of the copying of copyright material.

Library-related organisations

CILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
The professional association for librarians and information managers, formed in 2002 by the merger of the Institute of Information Scientists and the Library Association.
The Consortium of University Research Libraries

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