General sites I like

No connection to anything in particular - just stuff I like or use for one reason or another

bullet.gif (903 bytes)Ship of Fools 

bullet.gif (903 bytes)Family Guy Addicts

bullet.gif (903 bytes)The BBC website

bullet.gif (903 bytes)The perfidious BBC Sounds - successor to the lovely BBC radio player

bullet.gif (903 bytes)University Medical Practice

bullet.gif (903 bytes)Vision Internet Limited

Random military history

bullet.gif (903 bytes)Civilian War Dead: Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire

bullet.gif (903 bytes) 

bullet.gif (903 bytes)Uboat Archive 

Church-related links

Bible Gateway
one of the best of the many Bible search engines
The Diocese of Birmingham
"The online home of the Church of England in Birmingham."
The Church of England web site
The official web site of the Church of England
The Anglican Communion
The official web site of the broader Anglican church throughout the world


Transforming Ministry
The website of the Central Readers’ Council
Birmingham Readers' website
Readers'material on the Birmingham Diocesan website

Liturgical material

Common Worship texts
Electronic versions of the authorised worship texts adopted by the Church of England in December 2000.
Anglican Liturgical Library
a collection of authorised and other texts used in the Church of England, in the wider Anglican Communion and elsewhere
daily prayer and prayer resources on the internet. Includes resources for liturgy and a searchable hymnal.
Wild Goose publications
resources from the publishing house of the Iona Community

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